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We are a club of enthusiasts of the Aston Martin brand, who meet from time to time to share a common interest (usually outright passion) for the brand. We do this by organizing club activities on a fairly regular basis.

Fixed recurring components are:
the New Year's reception (usually linked to an excursion, such as the Bond exhibition in the Kunsthal in early 2015).
regular club tours (including multi-day trips abroad); other joint activities, such as private premiere evenings for new Bond films, trade fair visits and participation in 'motoring festivals' at home and abroad.

Most members own and regularly drive an Aston Martin, both the older models (pre-war and older DB models) and the newer (V8, DB9, DBS, Vanquish). Former owners often remain members because of the good atmosphere in our club.

Our association also functions as a section (the Holland section) of the worldwide Aston Martin Owners Club ("AMOC") and membership of our Holland section is linked to membership of the English AMOC, which brings together approximately 8,000 Aston Martin adepts worldwide.

Our club is first and foremost a club of friends. You will not find any parts depots with us. We leave that to the Heritage department of the factory. We do bring together a wealth of experience and technical knowledge, which is exchanged during our meetings or rides, or via the forum at this website. The aim of the club is to bring together people who care about Aston Martin in an ambiance that suits the brand.

For further information visit the Netherlands website.

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Local Representative
Frederik-Jan Umbgrove