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Our Live Q&A sessions are recorded and available to view on the Club YouTube Channel:


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PAST EVENT - In Conversation with......

In Conversation with Darren Turner and Fran Chiorando

Join British racing driver, Darren and professional sports broadcaster, Fran Chiorando as they discuss Darren's racing career, including 3 Le Mans wins.

As a high performance development driver for Aston Martin, Darren has worked on the development of cars including the Aston Martin Vulcan and the Aston Martin Valkyrie and, more recently, has been involved with Team Bulldog. 

Recording of the Event



PAST EVENT - In Conversation with......

Albert Castaigne and Terry Holt  - 3 December 2023, 11:00 GMT

If you're an avid engineer or design enthusiast, this is a must.  Terry Holt, whose enthusiasm for motorcycles has spanned 4 decades, will be joined by Albert Castaigne, Executive Director for Brough Superior Motorcycles to discuss the 2019 collaboration with Aston Martin Lagonda in producing 100 high performance motorcycles, the AMB 001. 

Recording of the Event

PAST EVENT - In Conversation with......

Mike Wilds and Peter Snowdon  - 5 November 2023, 11:00 GMT

Mike Wilds, British racing driver, raced in eight Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, Le Mans 24h and Silverstone 24h, to name but a few. 

Now a performance driving instructor, helicopter pilot and author, Mike will share tales from his illustrious career.  Join us for a morning of racing stories and put your own questions to Mike in this exclusive Sunday morning informal chat. 

Recording of the Event


PAST EVENT - Pirelli

Club sponsors, Pirelli, hosted this excellent virtual event on Wednesday 27th April.

The event was hosted live from Pirelli's flagship Performance Centre in Burton-on-Trent, with a virtual tour which offered Members an insight into the cutting edge technology and expertise available at the depot.

This virtual event also featured an in-depth talk focused on celebrating 150 years of Pirelli, with live demonstrations and a dedicated Q&A session for members to ask any questions they had.

PAST EVENT - 'In Conversation'

Richard Loveys and Area 10 Rep Jeff Sears

Jeff was in conversation with Richard discussing his passion for making models of Aston Martin's. He was describing the types of models available and the techniques involved. Some of his expertise was shown in picture format. 

This is a past event - the video recording can be seen here..

PAST EVENT- 'In Conversation'

Adam Brown and Rob Smith, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust

We were delighted to be joined by Adam Brown, Grandson of David Brown - who was in conversation with Rob Smith.

This is a past event - the video recording can be seen here..

PAST EVENT - 'In Conversation'

Tom Westley and Michael Reed

Tom and Michael are both experienced Concours entrants as well as highly knowledgeable Concours judges.  Both have won the much coveted Elite Class trophy and would like to share their knowledge with you.

If you have never entered a Concours before, or indeed, never attended a Concours before, this is a great way of finding out what goes on.

During this session, Tom and Michael will pass on their experiences of entering and winning and what it takes to prepare your car for this special event. They will share some before and after photographs so that you can see the exacting standards that a Concours brings.

This is a past event - the video recording can be seen here..

PAST EVENT - 'In Conversation'

AMOC Club President, the Viscountess Downe and Stephen Archer.

We were delighted to be joined by AMOC Club President, the Viscountess Downe - who was in conversation with Stephen Archer.

The Viscountess talked about her life with Aston Martin's, the cars she is particularly fond of - as well as her family involvement with the Club and and her racing history at Le Mans. The recording of the session will appear on our Club YouTube Channel shortly.

PAST EVENT - 'In Conversation'

James Muirhead and Steve Waddingham 

James Muirhead from Bridge of Weir Leather and Steve Waddingham from Aston Martin Lagonda discussed the special projects that both companies have collaborated on to produce the spectacular leatherwork for Aston Martin cars.

From receiving, treating and colouring the leather to personal requirements and the detailed cutting and stitching of many designs, this was a 'behind the scenes' look at what goes into the personalised finishes of the iconic cars.

This is a past event - the video recording can be seen here.

PAST EVENT - 'Sunday Service'

David Lillywhite from Magneto Magazine

We are delighted to present David Lillywhite, the Editorial Director from Magneto Magazine.

As a young boy, David was surrounded by old cars and motorcycles.  He has worked on many motoring magazines including Octane and currently Magneto, the publication that David is the most proud of so far.

David has owned more than 40 cars, many of them restoration projects.  His current projects are a 1972 Saab 96 and an early Prodrive Subaru Impreza Turbo.

This is a past event. The video recording can be seen here.

PAST EVENT - AMOC Virtual Gin Tasting Evening with Piston Gin

AMOC members were invited to take part in a virtual gin tasting evening on Thursday 2nd December, hosted by Piston Gin Distillery Manager – Grace Stringer and HQ’s Joanne Green.

Piston Distillery was founded in 2018 at the Old Worcester Porcelain works on the banks of the River Severn. This world famous canal network was once responsible for bringing exotic spices from all over the world to the Midlands.

The session was over a few hours and involved an exclusive virtual tour around the award winning Piston Gin distillery, learning about the history and heritage of gin, discovering the origin and uses of it back in the early 1600’s, as well as its development throughout the years - up to its recent resurgence today.

Members mixed (and sampled!) cocktails using the 3x 20cl mixed bottles of beautifully presented Piston Gin and accompanying ‘Fever Tree’ tonic waters and dried garnishes.

PAST EVENT - 'Sunday Session'

Meet Peter Sprague 27/11/21

Peter Sprague was widely described as the 'Saviour of Aston Martin' in the 1970s.  During this session, Peter will present an insight into his professional life in the world famous company at this time.

This is a past event. The video recording can be seen here..