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Marc Aylott

Club Manager & Membership


Club Member for 18 years, Club Manager for 12 of those years, and 6 years a volunteer.

It’s been suggested to me that I have the dream job:

Beautiful cars. Beautiful peopleBeautiful placesAll together at my fingertips

All my time as a volunteer, and then employed member of staff, has been dedicated to making memories for Members.

And there’s been quite a few:

Plenty of you out there will have shared many of these times, which are etched in our minds. From my first Concours at Beaulieu, to the Aston Martin Centenary at Kensington Palace, followed by celebrating 80 years from the formation of the Club, at Sandhurst Military Academy, many seasons of AMOC Racing, and not forgetting 5 Le Mans Classic adventures and nearly a score of Le Mans 24H’s.

And more recently the London to Edinburgh tour where friendships were made, and remain to this day.

And then of course there’s the Aston Martin cars, the catalyst to all of this, many of which I have been privileged to drive.

This job has no boundaries. Just adopt a do anything culture, and be ready for anything!!!

Spare time? Not much!!

I have an 19 year old University, Rugby playing intellectual, who is the best Son I could ever hope for.

Play Tennis as much as I can, and then I suppose it’s ‘Eat, Drink and be Merry’, as life dictates. Life’s too short…………………….

And having played competitive Team sport for most of my life, I still think I can ‘cut the mustard’ having achieved ‘three score’ years. It just hurts a bit more the day after.

Long may this continue.

I keep a ‘life chart’ of my life experiences, including the ‘car crashes’ in life, which will be made available (password protected with my Son) when I meet my maker. Hopefully there will be plenty more to add though, and ultimately make for interesting reading.



Linda Blansjaar

Club Shop


I manage the AMOC Shop – and have been doing so since 2011.

I moved to the UK about 16 years ago from my native Amsterdam straight to the tiny village of Drayton St. Leonard where AMOC HQ is based. Quite a change! I bought a pair of wellies, took up bellringing and I'm a regular at the local pub – so yes, I feel at home on this beautiful island.

Best things about my job: I love to be part of this passionate, international community. The enthusiasm and dedication of our Area Reps and other volunteers is truly inspirational. I also like the challenges that come with being “a department of one” which means a lot of variation in my daily tasks. I love retail and beautiful colours and I feel privileged to work in a place where people come to enjoy and share their passion.



Kerry Clamp



Hello, my name is Kerry and I have been with the Club since June 2018.

My job title is Finance Manager, but as part of the small team at HQ, you really do have to turn your hand to anything. One day you are working on a spreadsheet, the next you may be standing at the gate in the rain at 7:30am, ready to let the Concours entrants in to start preparing their cars.

As a member of the staff, I am a window into the Club. I believe that it is my responsibility even though I am finance based, to assist and support members, and our amazing volunteers, regardless of their query. If I do not know the answer, then I will find someone who does. 

My character is very much like a dog with a bone. I do not like it when things do not work or are not right. I will do my very best to investigate, and to find the solution. 

Please come and say "Hello" at our next event or get in touch via if I can be of any help. 



Christine Howson



[details to follow]




[details to follow]



Ian Kendall



Ian has attended hundreds of AMOC events around the UK and Europe to record them for posterity and publication in AM Quarterly and AM Monthly magazines. His work has also been used for event publicity, backdrops and non-AMOC publications.



Mike Jones

Editor - AM Quarterly


Mike is a regular contributor to Club and Trust publications, based on his passion for historic motorsport and his proven research skills. He took over as editor of AMQ at the beginning of 2022. Mike drives a DB7 Vantage GT.



John Purser

Editor - A Monthly




Phil Rablin 

Phil Rablin



Living on the South Coast near to Goodwood Motor Circuit with wife Tracy and cat Monty, I have always had a passion for cars, particularly Aston Martins, being a Club Member since the Jubilee Year of 1995 and photographer since 1998. I did own a 1969 DBS/6 for a number of years before the engine went bang. Currently, I have a Jaguar XJS Celebration coupe but always watching the classifieds and auctions.