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Tom Westley



I have been a Member of AMOC since the 1980s and a Director and Deputy Chairman over recent years. I have helped to organise and participate in Concours events for many years as well as contributing to the management of the Club in Members' best interests.

I am a Chartered Engineer, and own and run a group of engineering companies as their chairman. These successful businesses employ more than 300 people - some are world leaders in their field. I am a liveryman in the Worshipful Company of Founders and was made a Deputy Lieutenant of the West Midlands in 2017. I believe that I have the necessary "skill set" to lead AMOC in the best way possible to continue to build Member benefits by ensuring there are more events for Members to enjoy.

Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd has never sold more cars than now - and it is my ambition to increase membership numbers by better matching the proportion of new Members to global AM car sales - i.e. living up to being the exclusive and only worldwide AMOC for AM enthusiasts.

Given current car sales and successful promotion of existing worldwide Members events, I believe we should target 10,000 Members globally, which should be very achievable and boost our revenues, alongside the increased sponsorship that is already being planned and being executed. I am certain that the profile of the increased membership would then better match the distribution of Aston Martin ownership worldwide. Extra cash resources would then be available to increase both the quantity and quality of events for Members to enjoy. Area Representatives and Section Leaders will lead the development of Member activities with backing from HQ at the Barn.
I very much hope that you will support me to lead the further successful development of our Club





 Richard Butler

Deputy Chairman


I am a Managing Director of a Major European Manufacturer of Bearings with 2,500 employees. I have both legal experience and that of running Major Tier 1 companies in the Automotive/Aerospace Sectors for 30 years.

Wendy & I own four Astons (DB7(2), Cygnet & Vantage V8). I joined the Management Committee last year, as External Relations Director. Given the financial needs of the Club (with urgent repairs needed to the barn & legal fees mounting as examples) I created a sub-committee of experienced people (including those who stood against me in that election), to decide on our partnership strategy. We identified candidate organisations who would fit criteria to become sponsors or technical partners. So far, we have signed four such organisations with more to follow. Unfortunately, in dealing with urgent matters, I have not been able to turn my attention to Club Development. There are multiple areas of the Club which need attention to bring us into the 21st century. Our Articles still need work to make them fit for purpose and our management organisation needs attention to ensure a fair split of workload, within (what is) a volunteer committee. I have candidates for a new sub-committee, to be established immediately to tackle these major issues. My key deliverables are to develop and define:- A management structure which will define

responsibilities and authorities.- Revised Articles which confirm the way in which our Directors can and must deliver and how they carry out their roles with election procedures which are progressive and fit for purpose (such as rotation & length of tenure).

D King 

David King 

Club Development and Relations


In the two and a half years that I have owned my Aston Martin, I seem to have been consumed by the AMOC. I had no idea that this would happen when I bought my car, but I am very pleased that it has.

My AMOC journey started as the Assistant Area 1 Rep, and I have recently taken over from David Such to become Area 1 Rep. In addition, following last year’s AGM when my first attempt at becoming a director was unsuccessful, I was invited by Richard Butler to join and subsequently chair the Club Development and Relations sub-committee. This role has allowed me to fully utilise the experience of my 35-year career in marketing to bring a more formal structure and process to AMOC sponsor/partner fund raising efforts. With the valuable support of the other members of the sub-committee, this has resulted in tens of thousands of pounds of incremental revenue for the Club in 2023. At the request of the Chairman, I have now agreed to widen the remit of this sub-committee to include the Clubs external Marketing which will further allow me to bring the value of my experience to the Club.

I have spent over half of my career working overseas, primarily in Asia, and so I also bring an international perspective to AMOC which I believe is needed as we evolve from being UK-centric to a more global organisation. As a Director of AMOC, I will continue to push for greater commercial accountability so that the Club is sufficiently well funded to deliver the range of Member benefits, events and access that is befitting of this iconic, luxury marque.


Derek Footman



Having achieved a lifelong ambition of purchasing my first Aston Martin, a DB9 in 2017, I subsequently joined the Aston Martin Owners Club, Area 14 in July of that year.

From that point my passion for the marque has only grown. I was elected to Area 14 Rep in 2020, which has led me to organising many events for our members and gaining an understanding of what they wanted from the club.

Members are the backbone of any club, and I will listen with an open mind and do my utmost to ensure they get both value and pleasure from their membership.



 Alan Haig

Club Treasurer


I purchased my first Aston at about age 8 when I bought a toy DB2 while on holiday in the Isle of Wight. It took a while to my first full-sized car: a DB6 in 1985 subsequently sold in the ‘90s. Currently the owner of a DB9. Member of the AMOC since 1982.

I am a Chartered Accountant, hold an MSc from the London Business School and am a member of the UK Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.

Most of my career has been spent in the investment management sector with large and small businesses in Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer roles. My career commenced with the J P Morgan Chase Capital Markets Group working in London and New York, before joining International Financial Markets Trading, one of London’s early hedge funds in London. After spells with Citigroup Asset Management, Cambridge Place Group a credit-specialist hedge fund and First Avenue Partners Group, a global institutional capital placement business, I founded Global Investment Management Services to recycle my experience by offering consultancy services to small and medium sized financial services business.

My experience with large and small organisations enables me to build and manage efficient financial and control processes in small to medium-sized businesses.


 David Lewington



I joined the Club in 1990 when I realised that I did not have to own an Aston Martin in order to be a Member. I have been a car enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and an Aston Martin enthusiast since watching the Persuaders on TV in the 1970’s and seeing a similar V8 in Windsor Great Park in the same period. I was very fortunate to be able to buy my DBS in 1995 having seen it advertised in the Sunday Times newspaper of all places. This was followed by a DB7 Volante in 2019.

After joining the Club my enthusiasm developed into a passion for all things related to the marque. The Club gave me the opportunity to attend race meetings and I quickly realised that the racing was more interesting and exciting when you know the competitors, and that the competitors welcomed spectators who showed an interest in their cars; many good and lasting friendships were formed in the paddock. From 1994 until 2007 I was the Area 10 Representative, and Publications Chairman from 2002 until 2021, two activities that significantly extended my network of friends within the Club.

I split my time between the UK and Czech Republic where business and family commitments keep me busy. In addition to the cars, I am a keen book collector and like many Aston Martin owners I am also a fan of James Bond.


Peter Snowdon



Peter Snowdon

Encouraging and supporting racing was a founding objective of the Club in 1935. Whilst times have undoubtedly changed in the 85 years since, be it entry level track days, speed events or full circuit racing, competition remains a core Member benefit.

As Competition Director my aim is to revitalise the competition element with little or no financial support and exposure to the Club. 2021 saw an exciting and innovative new collaboration with AMOC Racing and BRSCC organising and promoting events. This new approach simultaneously provided us with previously unprecedented promotional and marketing opportunities whilst removing the heavy financial exposure of underwriting a racing programme. The Committee of Management are supportive of this strategic plan. Competition and Social Committee are committed to jointly promoting racing and social events as a joint Member benefit. I would ask that Members support the Competition and Social programme planned.


B Welch 

Bob Welch

The Americas


I have been extremely fortunate to have been a Member of the Aston Martin Owners Club for over 20 years. During this time, the friends I have made through the AMOC and my participation in AMOC events have made it a central part of my life.

Although I live in the United States, I have made friends and attended many AMOC events in Canada, the UK, and even Hong Kong. Throughout, I have been tremendously impressed with the kindness and hospitality which Members have shown in welcoming me and my family.

I served as Area Representative for the Northeast United States for 10 years, organizing monthly pub nights and tours, and other events for Members and their families. This experience allowed me to meet many wonderful people, and to get a sense of the Club from the ground up, including welcoming many new Members. In 2016, I was elected to serve as Chair of the AMOC North America East. In my six years in that role, I was pleased to see the Membership grow from 450 to 800 Members. In addition, AMOC Sections as far away as Colorado and Texas chose to affiliate with us in order to join in our activities.

During this time I was also fortunate to serve as a member of the COM, which allowed me to engage directly with other International Section Directors and to gain valuable experience in the overall leadership and management of the AMOC. More recently, I was honoured to receive the Oskar E. Ruegg Memorial Trophy for outstanding service to the AMOC by an overseas Member, a recognition which I treasure.

As International Director for the Americas, I intend to continue to develop the strong ties between our international sections, and to increase the engagement of our Members in Mexico, Central America, and South America. In addition, I believe it is essential that we continue to promote the growth of the AMOC across the world and to welcome new Members into our vibrant community, while being a strong advocate for our interests in the worldwide Club.



Jim Tweddle

Rest of the World


Member since 1980, Area Representative Western Australia since 1989. A stunning car seen racing “Around the Houses” in 1963 happened to be the ex-Stirling Moss1956 Le Mans DB3S-9. That pedigree embedded the marque “Aston Martin” on my teenage brain.

I was involved in organising three Australian National Meetings. The 2018 event enticing 25 Astons to drive across Australia and attracting notable visitors from the UK and Portugal.

Frequently attending AMOC International Dinners and Events I have twice received a Chairman’s award and have won the Horace Wilmshurst award.

Managing a small yet international business with clients worldwide affords me opportunities to attend events and meet Members in the UK and worldwide.

Originally trained as an Engineer I have been a successful business owner for 40 years, including turning around distressed companies.

My first Aston (DB2) was purchased in1979 with good fortune enabling a progressive collection of 10 Astons from a1930 International to 2005 Vanquish with models in between including a DB4, an AM V8 Vantage and a Town’s Lagonda. Many needed the tender hand of restoration, which is my weekend therapy.

WA Area has been promoted and has progressed to the stage where most are Family Members – hence a gender balance promoting a healthy mixture of social and car events.

I am very willing and able to promote and support the objectives of the AMOC and work for the interests of Members in the Rest of the World region.



Frederik-Jan Umbgrove



I joined AMOC Section Holland at the time I bought my first Aston Martin, a DB7 Vantage Manual, in early 2015.  Since then, I have been an active participant in the Section's events and enjoyed the good company and camaraderie of its Members.

In 2019, I joined Section Holland's 25-year celebrations organising committee and was actively involved in organising the 5-day Going Dutch tour and the first Benelux AM Concours, where we were fortunate to welcome AMOC Members from many countries. 

During the Covid epidemic, I decided to participate in the 2021 AMOC Virtual Concours and to my surprise, came out on top in the Bloxham class with a 2003 DB7 GTA.

Early in 2022, I was chosen as Chair of Section Holland and currently I have two Astons in my garage: a 2006 Vanquish S and a 2011 V12 Vantage, which I enjoy driving every now and then, especially in good company at AMOC events of course. 

My (Austrian) wife and I have lived and worked in 7 countries, but we settled down in The Netherlands in 2006 to allow for a stable school and university environment for our three kids.  They are all at university now.

My professional background is banking.  I quit executive work in 2013 and since then I have moved over to the non-executive side of the business.  Currently, I am a non-executive director in banks in Germany, Greece and The Netherlands.

Vice Presidents



Hugh Beckwith


Clare Gardner


Richard Jackson


Peter Livanos


George Minden


Neil Murray


Keith Piper


Manfred Schlick


Peter Sprague


Michael Urban