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August 2021 News

Area 15 Rep | Published on 8/1/2021

Mark Writes:

Unfortunately due to the extension of the Covid restrictions until 19th July, I had no choice but to cancel the Area 15 meeting on 24th June at the Aviator Hotel, Sywell, as I could not control things satisfactorily within the restrictions, especially as it was not a "closed" event or venue. I am not prepared to put members at risk, or have AMOC or myself fined for breaking the restrictions.

Many Area 15 members attended the AMHT Festival and it was great to meet up with some of you and catch up with what you you've been up to (mostly nothing!).

On 4th July, we had our first Area drive out to Compton Verney Gardens and Art Gallery, where 29 members and 31 cars met. We enjoyed a tour of the eclectic art collection and then were planning to picnic outside but just as we sat down the rain came. So we retreated to the Adam room where the venue had set up tables of six all socially distanced, for us to eat in the dry. The rain stopped shortly after so we could take a walk in the gardens and around the lake.

On Saturday 25th September we are joining forces with the Shuttleworth Collection and The British Rotorcraft Association to celebrate the release of the new bond film.

The Shuttleworth Collection is the home to "Little Nellie" the Autogyro from the film You Only Live Twice, which will be on display outside the hangers. See the separate event entry on Area 15's page for details of how to book.

AUGUST MEETING - 26th August - The Betsey Wynne, 21 Mursley Road, Swanbourne, Nr Milton Keynes, MK17 0SH

The large room has been reserved for us as has the usual car parking area on the right, as you arrive.

Safe Driving!