Granary Square, Kings Cross

 The Aston Martin Owners Club headed to the heart of London to one of the Capital’s newest attractions, Granary Square, Kings Cross, on Sunday 8th May.

The occasion was a display of 50 owners’ cars both classic and modern, showcased amidst the Square’s world-class water fountain attraction, designed by AMOC member David Bracey.

Situated on the banks of Regent’s Canal, behind King’s Cross Station, Granary Square is at the historic heart of London surrounded by old buildings creating a wonderful atmosphere and distinctive character. The Square is animated with a spectacular creation of over 1,000 choreographed and synchronised fountains, each individually controlled and lit in different colours, and creating audible splashing rhythms as the water appears to dance delighting onlookers.

It was a particularly demanding display for the AMOC event team to organise due to the central London location. In fact, an attempt to set up the event the night before had to be abandoned due to security issues. So, it was a very early start event staff and volunteers to be ready for the 7am arrival of the first wave of cars - and true to AMOC member tradition, an eager few were at the start line well before breakfast had managed to settle!

Before long, a fantastic display of the power, beauty and soul of Members’ Aston Martins from every era of production proudly filled Granary Square and continued along the length of the Boulevard between the Square and Kings Cross Station.

Basked in glorious early summer sunshine, members, visitors, staff and volunteers alike enjoyed a very memorable day celebrating the pride of Aston Martin ownership and soaking up the atmosphere of the Square’s shopping, cafe’s, restaurants and culture.

The fitting culmination of the highly successful event was the synchronised ignition of the 50 members‘ cars roaring into life as they prepared to leave the central London stage.

The Club would like to thank all the members and volunteers that took part in the event.

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