AMOC London Classic Car Show

Vulcan amongst other rare and stunning models in unique world-class Aston Martin Owners Club display (E50/D50)

The Aston Martin Owners Club has one of the best Aston Martin displays at this year’s London Classic Car Show, including a stunning Vulcan in Divine Red, located E50/D50.

Thanks to its membership, the Club has been able to bring together a unique display of rare, highly sought-after and stunning cars including one of only 24 Vulcan cars ever produced, a fascinating ‘barn find’ in need of restoration and a beautiful piece of motoring history in the pre-war racer, Red Dragon.

Other cars in the display include ‘Tweety Pie’, a very rare Sunburst Yellow 3-part pearlescent paintwork V8 Vantage Roadster and a rare Madagascar Orange V8 Vantage S Roadster. A fully restored DBS 6 Vantage makes for a fascinating juxtaposition next to a ‘barn find’ of the same model in need of full restoration.

The Aston Martin Owners Club is the only official worldwide club for Aston Martin owners and enthusiasts, and it is the only one recognised by Aston Martin Lagonda. It is also the largest onemarque car club in the world with around 6,000 members around the globe.

Membership of the Club is open to enthusiasts as well as owners and is available from £99 a year (plus a £30 joining fee). Membership includes a welcome pack, monthly and quarterly publications, exclusive International dinners and driving tours, access to worldwide advice forum, opportunity to race in the official AMOC Racing Series, benefits of an approved insurance scheme as well as the opportunity to purchase exclusive Club merchandise and hospitality at selected national events.

Year: 1936 ‘Red Dragon’ (Two Litre Speed Model)
Colour: Green
Reg: FGY 409
Built in the Experimental Shop by Aston Martin for the 1936 TT race in Ulster (N. Ireland) with a body built by E Bertelli (brother of ‘Bert’ Bertelli who owned Aston Martin at the same time).

Year: 1965 DB5 Saloon
Colour: Silver Birch
Reg: KTB 390C
Same model and colour Aston Martin as featured in the iconic Bond films with such actors as Sean Connery and Daniel Craig. Arguably the most recognisable car in the world.

Year: 1969 DBS 6 Vantage
Colour: Dubonnet Rosso
Reg: YLR 925G
This car was a barn find and now waiting for an owner to love it and bring it back to its former glory for its 60th anniversary year. This has a Manual 5 speed ZF Gearbox, Triple Weber Carbs, one owner from new 75,893 miles, original 8 track Stereo.

Year: 1965 DBS 6 Vantage
Colour: Black Pearl
Reg: EMH 429J
The DBS used lots of parts from the DB6 such as the straight 6 cylinder and wire wheels. This car Straight 6, Manual 5 speed ZF Gearbox Triple Weber Carbs. Total Restoration d in 2016 (Body, Chassis, Engine and Interior).

Year: 1986 V8 Zagato
Colour: Red
Reg: D107 YOO
It spent 6 months in South of France, then was sold to Sweden, where it remained unused for 28 years, came to the UK with just 2,000 miles on the clock.

Year: 2007 V8 Vantage Roadster “Tweety Pie”
Colour: Sunburst Yellow
Reg: OO07 SJJ
Very rare Sunburst Yellow 3-part pearlescent paintwork. Owned by one of our lady Members. The standard car was produced with grilles and fittings in grey, silver or chrome. The car’s “accent” was changed to black - front & rear under-grilles, rear splitter, bonnet louvres and most obviously, swapped the 8-bar stainless radiator grille for the later 6-bar, black option.

Year: 2011 V8 Vantage ‘S’ Roadster
Colour: Madagascar Orange
Reg: NV11 WNC
First registered in 2011 Jersey, repatriated to the UK in 2014. Madagascar Orange is a rare colour for an Aston Martin.

Year: 2015 AM Works 60th Anniversary Vanquish Volante
Colour: Quantum Silver
Reg: JL60 AML
1 of only 6. This Aston Martin Vanquish Volante was built for the 60th anniversary of the Aston Martin Works in Newport Pagnell.

Year: 2015 Vulcan
Colour: Divine Red
Reg: N/A
A track only car, Aston Martin described it as “the most extreme Aston Martin in our 102-year history”.

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