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From Tom Westley, Membership Director,

Dear Fellow Member,

I do hope you have enjoyed your membership of our Club and the Trust during 2017 and that you will want to renew for the coming year. Membership cards will be mailed out in March 2017.
Membership options

Please note that to qualify for Senior Membership you must be 65 or over from January 1st of the subscription year AND have been a member for 30 consecutive years. If you do not meet both these criteria please choose another option.
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Reasons for joining
Bought an Aston Martin
Inherited an Aston Martin
To search & buy an Aston Martin
To purchase from the AMOC shop
To investigate repairing/restoring an Aston Martin
Discounted insurance
To take part in social events
To take part in competitive events
To enter Concours competitions
Do not own an Aston Martin, but have a general interest in the marque
Personal Details
Please amend any changes to your contact information

Principal member

Please check the box above with your details correcting them where necessary.
  1. If you put an check in the box beside those fields where there is one, neither Club HQ nor your Area Rep will use those details to contact you about events, they will only be used for administrative matters.
  2. It is planned to use e-mail more frequently to inform members of events and other matters. Please check that we have your current e-mail address.
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Car details

First car

Your information on this form will be stored in a computer. Your Club takes the protection of the data we hold on our members and their cars very seriously. We recognise that our world is changing and the information the Club published about members and their cars in the past may no longer be to the liking of all members.

With this in mind I ask you to read through the following information and then fill in the boxes to tell the Club what details about you and your cars we may distribute to other members and to the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.
Membership List
This lists members' name, address, membership number, their Club Area number or country and the chassis numbers of the cars they own. (No telephone numbers or e-mail addresses are included).

Sharing information with The Aston Martin Heritage Trust ('the Trust')
The Trust has put together a database, collated from many sources, with large amounts of detail on all Astons built. The Data Protection Act prohibits the sharing of any information from the AMOC database with the Trust without your permission.

The printed Register of all Aston Martin and Lagonda cars built
This lists chassis, engine and registration numbers already known to the Trust as well as any known information, history and previous registration numbers for cars. The name and country of the current owner, if they are a member are also shown unless you choose to opt out below.
The Online Register of all Aston Martin and Lagonda cars built
The Trust proposes to put this on-line to be accessed by Trust and Club members only. In addition to the information in the printed Register this will contain information from other sources on each car
Other Options The Printed Register
The Trust Online Register will shortly be available on their web site for you to look at. You may feel, therefore, that you no longer need a printed copy of The Register.

Additional Aston Martin Heritage Trust Donation (Optional)
Payment details
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Thank you for choosing to pay by Direct Debit. Please fill in and send the Direct Debit Mandate separately. If you do not do this we will contact you to take Direct Debit instructions by telephone. If you are renewing your membership and have previously given us Direct Debit instructions you need do nothing unless your bank details have changed.
Please do not click the "Submit" button twice. Computers are not as fast as Aston Martins, at least not in a straight line, and there will be a delay while your request is collated prior to transmission to Club HQ. You will see an acknowledgement message on your screen soon.
The rates above are the current subscription fees, check on or email/telephone HQ for more information.

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit (UK bank account holders only) please download the Worldwide Renewal Form, fill in your details and post them to us.

Membership of the Aston Martin Owners Club automatically includes membership of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust. (Members receive the annual journal ASTON and when published the Register of Members cars.)

Those wishing to compete in Circuit Racing, Sprints, Hill climbs and Track Days should click on Racing for entry forms and Regulations or telephone +44 (0)1869 247888 or email Aston Club Racing.

For Concours D'etat click on Concours or contact Marc Aylott
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