Guidance Notes for the Concours Judge

Concours Judges are frequently faced with the dilemma of deciding between:

  • The lovingly-preserved, highly original Aston Martin
  • The professionally rebuilt car, restored regardless of cost down to the last split-pin
  • The vehicle which has been completely rebuilt – all the hard work having been carried out by the amateur owner.

In such instances, the odds are normally in favour of the professionally-restored vehicle, but it is considered that in such circumstances, Judges must use discretion in marking. They must endeavour to strike a balance between the competing vehicles in light of the known circumstances.

As an example, the entrant whose car is his regular means of transport – whilst subject to exactly the same requirements for complete cleanliness – should not be placed at a great disadvantage over the entrant whose car is rarely used. The vehicle that is carried to the Concours on a trailer, although a perfectly roadworthy vehicle, MUST be penalised by the deduction of 15 marks, as specified in the Club rules.

Marking is purely a means to an end. The recognised format for judging is that all cars start with 100 points and marks are deducted for faults as each area is examined. A judge must decide for him/herself as to how many points to deduct and discretion is the key here.

To read the complete guide for judges please download our PDF file.

Judges Guidance