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  • Aston Martin Owners Club
    Auto Trophy 2012: Aston Martin Remains Readers' Foreign Favourite in Prestigious Auto Zeitung Awards
    Aston Martin has again triumphed in the readers' poll for the best cars in motoring magazine Auto Zeitung, maintaining its position as the most successful foreign sports car brand.

    The British luxury sport car maker has secured four podium positions: the Aston Martin Vanquish and Aston Martin Rapide have come out top in their respective categories taking home an Auto Trophy 2012 each. In two other categories, the V12 Vantage Roadster and V8 Vantage narrowly missed out on victory but secured respective second place positions.

    "This is an excellent result for Aston Martin. We have already received very positive feedback for the new Vanquish from the international press and we are very pleased that the readers of Auto Zeitung give it top marks as well", said Dr Ulrich Bez, Aston Martin chief executive, at the awards ceremony on Tuesday evening in the Dusseldorf Meilenwerk.

    "It makes us proud, as well, that the Rapide wins this prestigious award here for now the fourth time in a row," continued Dr Bez. "We're in a good position with a successful, competitive model range for the coming year, in which we will celebrate Aston Martin's 100th birthday."

    The new Aston Martin Vanquish took victory in the hotly contested Super Sports Cars Import category with an impressive 18.7% of the vote - beating 15 rivals in the process.

    Meanwhile, the Aston Martin Rapide reaffirmed its leadership in the luxury Cars Import category, celebrating victory against eight other competitors. The four-door sports car received a massive 30.8% of the readers' votes.

    Celebrating podium places, the V12 Vantage Roadster and the V8 Vantage Coupe won over readers' hearts in the categories Convertibles over 30.000 € Import and Sports Cars Import with strong placing in second position.

    This year is the 25th time the prestigious Auto Trophy of Auto Zeitung magazine has been held and almost 111,000 readers cast their ballots in this year's anniversary election. Readers selected their favourites from almost 400 models in 29 categories.

    Today on the AMOChrome Lightbox, the top rated images from the AMOC Forum Gallery.
    Click an image to view the full image. To view the entire AMOC Forum Gallery, click here.

    100yrs at Kensington 269
    Views: 2121
    Rating: *****

    DB4 GT Zagato
    Views: 2304
    Rating: *****

    Kensington High Street
    Views: 2236
    Rating: *****

    KPG 100 06
    Views: 2034
    Rating: ****

    Views: 2145
    Rating: ****
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