2012 is a year of innovation and change for competitive events within this important and long established club.

The Club has established a new company ACR (Aston Club Racing) Ltd. This exciting new entity is part owned by the AMOC with the balance being owned by drivers, entrants and enthusiasts. This is truly a racing organisation 'for the members by the members' .

Any enthusiast is invited to apply to invest in ACR Ltd.

AMOC racing is not only for historic Aston Martins but also the complementary marques such as Ferrari. Porsche, Jaguar, Bentley, Lagonda plus historic GT, sports and saloons. Most races will be for cars to FIA /HTP specification.

However, the AMOC does not insist on the cars holding the papers.

The AMOC also encourages and invites drivers and entrants from the former Heritage series - so ably run by Roger Bennington over many years.

Aston Martin Racing will also participate with their N24 GT4 UK Challenge. This all makes for a rich race programme at each meeting.

For all enquiries about Aston Club Racing and support issues for the Aston Club Racing Website please contact This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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100yrs at Kensington 269
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DB4 GT Zagato
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Kensington High Street
Views: 257
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KPG 100 06
Views: 144
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Views: 200
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